History and mission

History and mission

The Point Grey Fiesta is the community’s annual start-of-summer event for families and friends. Starting with a Saturday parade on West 10th avenue, the Saturday celebration continues in Trimble Park with stage performances, activities and exhibitors. Carnival rides in Trimble Park operate from Friday to Sunday. With the exception of the carnival rides and midway games, Fiesta entertainment and children’s activities are free of charge.

The Fiesta is an affiliated group of the West Point Grey Community Centre. Our partners include the businesses and professionals on West 10th Avenue and Shooting Star Amusements, our carnival operator.

The Point Grey Fiesta operates with permits issued by the City of Vancouver, Special Events, and the Vancouver Parks Board. We would like to express our thanks to municipal staff for their support and assistance.

Our History
In anticipation of Vancouver’s Centennial year, coinciding with Expo ’86, the Centennial Committee at City Hall offered grants to develop ways to celebrate their community’s cultural history. A small group from Point Grey took up the challenge and established the Point Grey Centennial festival.

They decided to honour the Spanish navigator Jose Maria Narvaez, the first European to explore the waters off what is now known as Spanish Banks in 1791. The festival developed a Spanish theme and Ole The Bull became its official mascot.

Mission Statement
The Point Grey Fiesta Committee plans and delivers a not-for-profit, community event designed for families, friends and all members of our community.

Vision Statement
The Point Grey Fiesta will be a financially self sustaining, annual, neighbourhood event that brings together sports, arts, social and business groups to share in a day of community activities. The Fiesta will reflect the image of a village celebration with a small-town parade, amateur stage performances and a carnival.

Value Statement
The Point Grey Fiesta is a volunteer-driven neighbourhood celebration where participation is open to local community groups such as sports, arts and business.
The Point Grey Fiesta presents an opportunity for both residents and businesses to reaffirm their sense of neighbourhood. The Fiesta will recognise its partners and will comply with municipal permits and policies.